Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2021

  • 02-Dec, 2017 05:15:23 AM

Long gone are the days when we had to go all the way to a professional video editor’s office to get our videos edited. Nowadays, it is so easy to edit a video right at home. Just get a reliable application, install it and use it to add effects, cut all the parts you do not want and much more. You can now get access to what the professionals use thanks to the online marketplace.

Whether you are a professional or just enjoy taking videos of your family and friends, you can now edit them with the best software on Mac. But, what is the best video editing software for Mac 2021? It needs to be powerful and easy to use among other qualities. Here are the top five options you have (both paid and free).

There are many video editors that we could have chosen but they are not better than the five listed here.

Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2021

1. Apple Final Cut Pro X ($299.99)

Since it is made by the makers of Mac you can be sure that this is the best video editing software. The design is intuitive and the timeline features allow editors to do their work in record time. The interface is simple for maximizing the working space. Use the automatic metadata and keywords to easily find the clips you want to edit.

Final Cut Pro on Mac

Final Cut Pro gives you professional editing tools; slide, roll, nudge and slip using keyboard shortcuts and get precise and accurate frames. You also get automatic color editing which reduces the amount of work you have to do. Use the multicam editing to work on various formats, frame rates and frame sizes. You can sync Multicam clips up to 64 angles.

Create 3D titles with this video editor easily. There are many simple animated 3D templates and cinematic templates with backgrounds to choose from. There are many other editing and special effects features that will give you professional quality videos. When done, share the video to the web, Apple TV, iPhone and many others.

This video editing program was made for the professionals. It costs a whopping $299.99 but it is worth every cent!

2. Camtasia For Mac ($199 per full license)

This Mac video editing software is ideal for use by anyone who wants to make training videos, show keystrokes, record mouse movement and add notes and annotations to a video. Record the screen activity and edit the video to make it the best. You can add shapes, callouts, arrows and much others to clearly explain your point. You can add your voice narration to the video or some music. You can even interact with the listeners by asking questions. Tutors, educators and anyone who would like to demonstrate something will find this tool very useful.

Camtasia on macOS High Sierra

The interface is arranged really nicely; the work area at the right, media, transitions, effects and animations at the left and a timeline of your videos at the bottom. To start recording just press the red button and you can present this video with picture-in-picture window. You can also import audio and video files into the program.

Edit videos easily with options like splitting and removing parts of the video. Drag and drop an edit to apply it. Special effects can be added to animate the images, text and icons and the resolution edited up to 4K. Camtasia is sold at $199 one-off fee.

3. Avid Media Composer ($59/mo)

This 4k video editor comes with a source browser that makes it easy to find, import and preview videos. The interface is not only easy to use but is available across devices. You do not need to install the software on each computer of your team; just the server in your office. The video editors can edit wherever they are so long as they have internet access.

Avid Media Composer

Movies are now being shot in high resolution. Edit 4K movies fast and easy with this program. But 4K is not all you can edit. No matter what the aspect ratio and resolution of a video are, you can work on it on Avid. There are many editing options including trim, delete and use the high dynamic range to get more color aspects. All this and much more is done fast without affecting the performance of your Mac.

Avid Media Composer is ideal for people who provide video editing services as a team. Teamwork is eased and you will deliver high quality results. It will cost only $59 per monthly subscription.

4. Adobe Premiere Elements ($59.99 Per Full License)

This powerful tool comes with a very easy to use interface. Videos are automatically organized by date making it very easy to find the one you want to edit. With the search option, you can look for videos and find them with ease. Once you find the video you would like to work on editing will be a breeze.

Adobe Premiere Elements

The editing capabilities that this software has make it the best Mac video editing app. Extract photos from a video, trim any unwanted scenes and make the video look sharp and professional with just a few clicks. Hazy landscapes will be cleared in a second and shakes reduced. With Smart Trim, faces are given the centerstage helping you make memorable movies and clips. As for the sound, you can add a song and it will be remixed to match the video length. Make the sound natural and crisp easily. There are over 250 sound effects to choose from.

As for the effects you can get they are quite many including adding sound bubbles, artwork and different cinematic styles. Create freeze frames with motion titles and add videos inside text for dramatic effects among others. To secure your copyright, you can add your signature watermarks, looks and so on to all videos you create. When done, press a button and you will share on social media.

The Adobe Premiere Elements is perfect for the leisure video editor as well as a professional who is just starting out. It has all the basic features and is very affordable costing only $59.99 for lifetime access.

5. iMovie (Free)

Apple’s iMovie is the best free Mac video editor. It can be used on your iPhone, iPad and the Mac. The interface is easy to use. Browse your clips with ease and create any movie you want with up to 4K resolution.


You can add music, effects and even titles to the movie clips you make. Add a cinematic feel to your videos with 10 filters to choose from, choose a style you want for the title and add soundtracks to the movie. You can also change the speed of play, add split screen effects and picture-in-picture features. When done, share your creation with friends via YouTube, Facebook and so on.

Who can use this? Anyone who would like to have fun with videos! Students can do their video assignments without having to pay anything.

Bottom line

No matter who you are, your interest in video editing should be met by a powerful tool that can do all you want it to. Whether you intend to edit videos taken on a family trip or are a professional video editor and movie maker, you need to choose wisely. Of course, the choice for the professionals will be pricier but it will give you the best quality. The answer to what is the best video editing software for Mac differs depending on who is asking. We hope you have found the answer above.