Best CRM Software for Mac in 2021

  • 10-Nov, 2019 07:46:45 AM

With competition and customer demands evolving every other day, your business needs to adapt fast and keep up with the trend if you want to remain competitive. Fortunately, that’s where customer relationship management software comes in. I mean, they- in a big way help improves customer management, help you maintain your client base, and ultimately save you money and time. Unfortunately, CRM software for Mac is not as common as it is in Windows. But since it is essential to effectively manage your customers- regardless of the OS you are using, we have conducted research to identify the best CRM software for Mac in 2021, and all of them are compatible with the newest macOS Big Sur.

What is CRM Software, and why is it important?CRM is a type of software engineered to help businesses and companies manage and improve how they interact with current and potential customers. In other words, they are optimized to streamline a customer’s purchase journey throughout the purchase funnel from the first interaction to the final purchase.

Best CRM Software for Mac in 2021


Zoho CRM on Mac

Zoho CRM is a web-based multi-channel CRM software that allows you to connect with your customers via email, social media, or in person. The CRM system brings all your contacts together and identifies appropriate conversations. Leads and opportunities can be documented, communications, and related tasks managed and planned. You can choose from four different versions at Zoho. The standard version costs around $12 per user per month and includes features such as sales forecasting, reports and dashboards, document management, roles and profiles, and mass emails. The professional version also includes email integration, social media features, Google AdWords, and workflow automation.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce in Safari

Salesforce offers CRM solutions for small and medium-sized companies. The system helps you find, attract, and retain customers and grow your business. The cloud-based CRM system is a user-friendly solution that results in more orders, more leads, and improved customer service to keep your business growing. The fact that Salesforce’s CRM system is cloud-based means that you will incur only a small set-up cost, and you do not need any specialized hardware or software on your computers. The CRM is customizable and can be flexibly aligned to your company’s needs. Its most notable features include lead and contact management from the first contact to the order, automation of processes, and sales forecasts. Salesforce offers four CRM solutions based on your needs.

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Software

Bitrix24 is a powerful online business collaboration platform that provides users with tools such as CRM, task management, document management, time management, and project management. It is a practical solution for virtually any administration need in a business. Bitrix24 provides flexible and accurate tools from day-to-day loggings, tasks, sales processing, and reporting. The software is free for up to 12 users and simplifies communication with social features such as liking and comments, as well as automated processes such as notifications, subscribers to discussions, and supported reporting.

4. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM

The Hubspot CRM lays the foundation for the effective and professional management of your business’s customer relations. It is optimized for effective sales management, optimized and transparent processes, and for automating your business processes. The CRM system can be easily customized and integrated into your existing IT system. For the online version, you will find the most important functions which can be accessed using all of your devices. This means you can access it from anywhere so that you can always keep tabs of the most essential information about your customers, create visit and service reports, update opportunities, and initiate processes. All industry-specific processes, such as sales, marketing, and services, are also supported.

The software also helps you gain more insight into your customers, faster response times, improved customer relations, and more efficient automated processes. It complements your marketing efforts with multi-channel campaigns and in-depth customer analysis.

5. Apptivo


The Apptivo CRM is one of the most comprehensive CRM solutions for Mac focused on large organizations and businesses. The program gives you not only the highest possible revenue growth but also the best possible customer experience across all channels. Its CRM services include transactions, analytics, customer loyalty, and other features to help you effectively manage all customer-facing relations. A wide variety of functions make this one of the most diverse products available on the market: various planning options enable individual settings tailored to your needs. The strength of the program lies in multi-channel campaign management. There are also several business intelligence tools available that can be used to merge data from different areas.

6. Pipedrive


If you are looking to improve your sales efficiency and reach more customers using your Mac, Pipedrive could be the CRM software for you. It is optimized to generate potential leads directly into your pipeline around the clock, using your personal chatbot and custom web forms. You can also track calls, emails, and contacts when you need them and have full visibility and control over your schedule. Moreover, it is equipped with Artificial Intelligence, which automates repetitive tasks in your business, saving you time and money.

With it, you also get deep insights into your sales figures and compare your business goals with your goals and still have full transparency about when and how your data is being used. And it is not limited to Mac computer, meaning that you can access it directly from your mobile device and integrate your most popular apps.

Bottom line

If you are after CRM software for Mac, rest assured that there are numerous providers of CRM solutions that are suitable for startups, small companies as well as for medium-sized companies. Most of the systems have very similar essential functions, but then differ when it comes to premium services. Before deciding on a software, you should be aware of your needs and preferences, so that you can choose a CRM software with the appropriate functions.